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Table Lamps

What's your style? At Broome + Greene, we're here to accent it. One of the best ways to liven up any space is by adding carefully selected table lamps that bring out the best in your decor and shine a light on your exquisite taste and style. Browse our table lamps to find just the right touch for any room, or visit our full selection of lighting for even more options to explore.

Why Table Lamps Matter
Overhead lights are great for illuminating broad areas, and floor lamps provide the right choice when you need elevated light or an elongated shape to draw the eye. But when you're curled up in a favorite chair reading the Sunday paper or working at your desk, you want more targeted light at the proper height. Enter the stylish table lamps offered by Broome + Greene, which provide just the right amount of light to avoid too much brightness or straining to see in dim lighting.

They're also a vital aspect of completing any interior design, as they illuminate the right areas and provide balance to the room's feng-shui. A fixture of any living room or office, table lamps make for the perfect finishing touches that complement the design you've worked so hard to create. And no bedroom is complete without table lamps atop your nightstands that frame your bed and look striking alongside picture frames, decorative accents, and more.

However, table lamps are more than just decorations or functional lighting for dark spaces. They're also an essential factor in creating mood lighting. When combined with floor lamps and overhead fixtures, table lamps allow you to provide brighter light when you need it and softer, more intimate illumination for cozy nights at home. It's an effortless way to make any room more inviting for entertaining or simply spending time with family.

Many Shapes and Sizes
Whether you're searching for the perfect table lamp for your family room, enhancing your office desk, or making it a little easier to read a good book in bed, you'll have plenty of table lamps to choose from at Broome + Greene. Find the colors you want and designs you love with bases of all sizes, from short to tall, allowing you to complement your existing decor with a seamless addition.

You'll also find a wide selection of lamp shade styles to finish off your look. So if you enjoy the traditional aesthetic of square, drum and bell shades or prefer the modern lines of rectangular, empire and oval shades, you'll be thankful for the many options at Broome + Greene.

Table Lamps with Power
Plugging your table lamp in and flipping its switch means much more than a light bulb turning on. At Broome + Greene, you'll find countless table lamps with built-in USB ports for charging your phone and other essential devices. There's no need to search for a charger and a longer cable or sit near an outlet. Instead simply plug in while relaxing in the living room, or turn your nightstand into a charging station to prepare for the next day.

Bring Home Your Table Lamps Today
Whether you're completely redesigning a space or simply invigorating a room with fresh new additions, table lamps are an ideal way to bring a little flair to your decor. To learn more about our available table lamps and current stock, contact Broome + Greene today. For those in the Chicago area, please stop by our showroom to speak with a representative.
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