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Shop Sconces and Modern Wall Lighting

One of the best ways to play with lighting and ambiance is by using wall sconces. The first sconces were fire torches lining the walls of medieval castles, but they have since come a long way. Now, home decorators and designers use them to cast beautiful light and shadows throughout a home. If you're looking for sconces, whether you want something simple or something that makes a statement, check out the online inventory available from Broome + Greene today.

Advantages of Wall Sconces

Designers know the benefits of using sconces, but most homeowners tend to overlook them. Maybe it's because they're so small and unobtrusive; but that's exactly what makes them great. Sconces provide beautiful ambient glow and focused lighting that's useful in just about every single room of the house, including the oft-forgotten about nooks and crannies like hallways and stairwells. This allows you to highlight important architectural detail or artwork, or draw the eye towards a window, fireplace, bed frame, or other focal point. They can also serve as wonderful task lights when installed near a desk, reading chair, or bathroom vanity.

More than that, sconces are the perfect space-saving solutions. Modern home design is all about simple, clean lines and sometimes too many table lamps and floor lamps can run the risk of looking cluttered. By placing lights on the wall, you can free up valuable table space and walking room. Because of this, sconces are especially great for long narrow corridors and rooms with very high ceilings or very low ceilings where it may not be possible to hang a pendant. Instead of washing a room with bright overhead light, you can simply pull light from thoughtfully placed sconces and manufacture the ambiance how and where you want it. 

Two's Company

While sconces can be standalone pieces, they're often use in pairs or groups to create a beautiful balance of light. Examples of this are putting wall sconces on either side of a bed above the night stands, or on either side of a vanity mirror in a bathroom. It's also common to see wall sconces framing a window, bookcase or doorway, or paired up along the wall of a home theater or home library. 

Get to Know Our Sconce Collection

At Broome + Greene, we specialize in lighting fixtures that are distinctly modern, yet infused with with unique textures, materials, and style influences. You can find sconces with lots of glitz and glam, as well as sconces that are simpler and more industrial or rustic. Materials include antiqued steel, marble, painted glass, and powder-coated, brushed, polished and oil-rubbed metals. Each piece is durably constructed to last and features elements that speak to both past and present trends in modern home decor. So no matter what room you're decorating or what theme the room happens to be, you're bound to find a sconce that brings out the best of the space.

Discover Many Wall Sconce Options

Refresh your home today with modern wall sconces. If you'd like to learn more about lighting for either your home or a client's home, get in touch with consultants at Broome + Greene. If you're in need of other types of light fixtures, we carry a large assortment of ceiling lights and chandeliers, floor lamps and table lamps, as well, to accommodate all your design needs. 
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