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Night Stands

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At Broome + Greene, one of the things we're most known for is our modern bedroom furniture, including our night stands. Good quality night tables should be sturdy, low maintenance and attractive to help make your bedroom both functional and stylish - and that's exactly what you can find here at Broome + Greene. Whether you're shopping for the master suite, a child's bedroom or a guest bedroom, we invite you to browse our selection of night stands below, or to visit us in the showroom to shop in person. 

Storage Essentials

Night stands are meant to be more functional pieces rather than decorative. However, what that entails is different for everyone. If you're someone who loves to keep books, cell phone chargers, notebooks and/or beauty products next to your bed, then you may want to select a night stand with at least two or three drawers, complete with high-quality joinery, or course. Even if you don't think you need all that drawer space, it's always good to prepare with room to grow. At the same time, take note of the fact that some night stands offer open shelving space instead of drawers. The open look allows you to put your favorite accessories on display and make them readily available at a moment's notice. Which direction you decide to take depends on which one would best suit your needs. 

Quality Construction

When looking for durable, long-lasting pieces for the bedroom, the construction is one of the most important elements. At Broome + Greene, all of our furniture pieces are crafted to the highest level of quality - yet still listed at fair prices. We want to make it easy for you to get the look you love, for the right price. Our night stands, in particular are often made from hardwoods, such as mango wood, which is known for its strength, density, and natural beauty. If the piece has drawers, you can count on there being strong hardware and joinery to ensure everything works smoothly for years to come. 

Clean, Simplistic Beauty

While the bed frame may be the most dominant player of the room, that doesn't mean the night stands simply fade into the background. They do just as much to contribute to the overall style of the space as anything else does. Broome + Greene modern night stands boast clean, simple lines and natural finishes, which provide the perfect counterbalance to your accessories, lamps, and artwork. Thanks to this timeless design, your new night stand will look great in your home as the seasons change and the years continue.

Finding the Perfect Pair

Night stands usually come in pairs so that you can create flawless symmetry on both sides of the bed. Better yet, most of our night stands are part of a collection, so you can find dressers, beds and other types of bedroom furniture that match, too. All of our night stands are sold individually, however, in case you're feeling bold and want to experiment with mixing and matching for an extra bit of personality.

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Explore our entire online inventory of modern bedroom night stands below. No matter what dimensions, color tones or storage space you're looking for, you're bound to find it here. All of our items are in stock and available to ship ASAP (unless otherwise noted), and your new set of night stands will be delivered to your door step in no time at all. 
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