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Floor Lamps

Unique Modern Floor Lamps
Lighting is one of the most important, albeit understated, elements of a home. Floor lamps, in particular, not only add light, but also offer a certain presence to the room. Their tall, elongated structures with unique bodies and shades help maximize your aesthetic in the most appealing ways. Whether you're looking for something simple that blends into the background, or floor lamps that make a statement and grab everyone's attention, you can likely find it here at Broome + Greene.

Range of Sculptural Styles
Taking cues from early 20th century modernism, our lighting fixtures boast unique architectural craftsmanship. From simple, clean lines to sculptural curves and ornate detailing, there's a lamp that fits everyone's unique tastes. While the majority of our lamps feature that classic modern look, don't be surprised to encounter a few styles that lean more toward elevated industrial or timeless contemporary. And if you prefer something more antique or weathered looking, you can find that too. We strive to maintain a diverse selection that's always being updated with new arrivals.

No matter which style you feel drawn toward, you can trust you're getting a high level of quality. Our floor lamps are crafted from enduring materials, such as bronzed or painted metal and concrete, to ensure they last long into the future. As for the shades, it's common to see a lot of linen in simple modern tones, like ivory, black and gray, but you might come across a few unexpected designs too. With such a range of styles to choose from - including the most unobtrusive lamps to the most daring looks - we make it easy to find something that fits in seamlessly with the rest of your decor.

Illuminating Intrigue
Are you looking for task lighting in an office? Mood lighting in a bedroom? There's a lot value in just how versatile floor lamps can be. They can help enhance virtually any room, enriching the space with extra light and ambiance. By layering different lighting fixtures, you get to customize the look and feel of your room. Floor lamps make it possible to achieve a bright, illuminated look on one hand, and a subdued and cozy look on the other hand no matter what time of day it is. Plus, powerful wattage and convenient switches make introducing new floor lamps into the space smooth and simple.

More Lighting
Floor lamps are especially great for rooms that don't have overhead lighting, and they're also perfect for brightening a dark corner. But oftentimes, they're not the only source of light in a room. If you're looking for other types of fixtures, shop the entire lighting selection at Broome + Greene online. Fill in a side table or desk with a beautiful modern table lamp. Hang a gleaming chandelier from the ceiling to welcome you home. And install sconces on the walls to illuminate different areas of a room you want to showcase.

Light Your Home
Good lighting has the power to make a house feel like a home. Shop for fixtures that will complement and enhance every corner of every room today from Broome + Greene. Broome + Greene is an online retailer specializing in high-quality modern pieces for town and country homes. Order online anytime at your convenience, or come into the showroom to browse the lighting selection in person. Any questions? Feel free to contact us.
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